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September 30, 2007

Microsoft’s stealth XP update fouls up system repair

Posted by David Hunter at 10:48 PM ET.

Last week there were numerous reports that Microsoft’s stealth Windows Update update was preventing users that had done a repair of their Windows XP system from adding any Microsoft updates. It turns out that this was indeed an unintended side effect of the WGA change as Microsoft’s Nat Clinton describes on the Microsoft Update Product Team Blog:


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September 27, 2007

Microsoft extends Windows XP availability

Posted by David Hunter at 11:21 PM ET.

Back in August I was speculating that the desultory enterprise adoption of Vista would force Microsoft to extend the availability of Windows XP and today that was realized as Microsoft added 5 months to the XP OEM and retail availability.


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Microsoft spiffs up Live Search: Is it enough?

Posted by David Hunter at 6:51 PM ET.

It’s slightly more than a year since Microsoft launched Live Search, and yesterday Microsoft held a press event dubbed Searchification at which a variety of enhancements were unveiled (see also the Live Search blog, the Live Search fact sheet, and Oilman’s stream of consciousness report). In a nutshell, the new, improved Live Search offers:


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September 25, 2007

Cash burning a hole in Microsoft’s pocket?

Posted by David Hunter at 11:07 AM ET.

Yesterday, the “Microsoft acquires Facebook” rumors were back according to the Wall Street Journal, with the twist that the unidentified sources say that Microsoft is now only asking for 5% of the hot social networking fad site, but would pay a price that would give Facebook an over $10 billion dollar valuation.

Supposedly Facebook would dearly love the public valuation and could use a little walking around money, while Microsoft would love to demonstrate some trendy credentials and perhaps permanently lock in their Facebook advertising deal.


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