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December 15, 2005

adCenter Opens Up Access to Another Round of Testers

Posted by David Hunter at 3:01 PM ET.

Microsoft’s web advertising service, MSN adCenter, seems to be growing as Jennifer Laycock reports at Search Engine Guide:

Last week, I received an email in my inbox from MSN adCenter telling me that I was part of the next round of testers that were going to be give access to set up a pay-per-click campaign. I spoke with a few folks at SES Chicago that heard the same, so it seems that the next round let quite a few more people in the door. MSN is still showing Overture listings 75% of the time, but new adCenter advertisers will see their listings showing up for about a quarter of the searches run at MSN.

More details at the link, but note that this is the advertisers’ side of the program. There’s no word on a publishers’ side other than the ads appearing at Microsoft properties.

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