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February 5, 2006

Amazon to compete with Google AdSense?

Posted by David Hunter at 10:25 PM ET.

Rob Hof points to Chris Beasley’s post at SitePointAmazon-Sense?

Amazon is apparently looking into the feasibility of starting their own ad network like Adsense. They’ve been contacting select members of their associates programs, including myself, asking if we’d like to be beta testers.

When I first heard about this I thought it’d be Amazon product listings displayed in an Adsense-like way and I figured it’d analyze your content for for products to serve, but they’d be Amazon products. Turns out I was wrong, they want their own contextual advertising network.

On the phone last night it was explained to me that this is more or less an Adsense clone, meaning third party sponsored links, not Amazon links.

So anyways, if they go through with this, then once MSN’s AdCenter program is launched, and Yahoo’s Publisher Network goes out of beta, that’ll give us publishers 4 choices in this area and choice is never a bad thing.

Much more by following the links, but it looks like adCenter is going to be launching into an increasingly crowded field.

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One Response to “Amazon to compete with Google AdSense?”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Yet another player in Internet ads Says:

    [...] On Sunday it was Amazon. Today, it’s a startup named Turn, Inc. Stephen Baker at BusinessWeek online: I talked on Friday to Jim Barnett, former ceo of Altavista and, later, a top exec at Overture. He’s planning to launch a next-gen advertising network called Turn Inc. in the next several months. He has $10 million in venture funding, and some 16 PhDs in-house. The idea is that advanced search will target advertisements to users with a precision we’ve not yet seen. All that can be said at this point: We’ll see. [...]

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