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December 21, 2005

AOL: Microsoft’s technology “clunky”

Posted by David Hunter at 5:55 PM ET.

Todd Bishop of The Seattle PI points to that choice bon mot delivered by some of the AOL negotiators in the recent courtship scramble as reported by the Wall Street Journal in a profile of Time Warner’s chief negotiator, Olaf Olafsson:

Two weeks ago, when Time Warner Inc. was on the cusp of signing a sweeping online deal with Microsoft Corp., a team of executives from the media company’s AOL unit traveled to Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Wash., to make sure everything was in order.

When the executives returned, they reported back to Time Warner’s top deal negotiator, Olaf Olafsson, with some less-than-satisfactory findings. They had found some of Microsoft’s technology to be clunky, while the contemplated joint venture with the software king contained what they thought were financial pitfalls.

Steve Rubel makes a similar complaint about Windows Live Favorites:

I have to say that the new Windows Live Favorites is a total disappointment. It reminds me of Blink circa 1999. Where’s the sharing, the community? Is Microsoft really a Web 2.0 company or wolf in sheep’s clothing?

The answer seems to be, “Watch this space.”

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