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September 7, 2007

Apple sets the bar for Zune

Posted by David Hunter at 11:34 AM ET.

Apple’s Wednesday iPod fest seems to be an unending source of online buzz including several some snarky commentary about Microsoft’s current Zune offerings (e.g. [1], [2]) but Microsoft’s Cesar Menendez gave the right answer:

Oh, and this may come as a shock to folks, but today’s Apple Computer announcement doesn’t actually change any of our plans. Of course we watched with some degree of interest but our plans have been in motion for some time now.  No announcements to make other than the fact that the Zune team remains committed to building a solid experience for users.

Of course, the punch line is that Apple has set the bar for the new Zune models expected to be announced for the holiday season. Whether Microsoft clears the bar or runs into it is a story for another day.

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