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January 24, 2006

Ask Jim Allchin why you should buy Vista

Posted by David Hunter at 7:29 PM ET.

Mike Ricciuti at CNET:

Want to know why you should buy Vista, the next version of Windows? Here’s your opportunity to go straight to the source: Jim Allchin, the man behind Vista’s development.

On Thursday, editors will be meeting with Allchin, Microsoft’s co-president of platform development. You can have the next-best thing to a seat at the table by sending us your questions on Vista, its development and where Windows is headed.

Instructions for submitting questions by following the link.

On a related note, yesterday I mentioned a list of reasons for “Why do I need Windows Vista?” developed by Robert Scoble and Manuel Clement. I was a trifle skeptical as to how compelling they were. Michael Gartenberg saw the same list and says, “Please tell me there’s more…”

Please tell me there is more to Vista than I’m seeing on this list and there’s a marketing message that consumers might relate to in this somewhere.

At the risk of flogging a deceased equine, I think the Vista consumer marketing message is “It comes on the new PC you just bought.”

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One Response to “Ask Jim Allchin why you should buy Vista”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Allchin says Microsoft will skip Vista Beta 2 Says:

    [...] – Windows chief fields readers’ questions (mentioned previously here): Q: Leon Malinofsky, a lawyer from Northhampton, Mass., asks: For home users that aren’t into high-definition entertainment, why do they need Vista? What’s the killer feature for the average home PC user? [...]

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