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November 8, 2006

At long last, Vista?

Posted by David Hunter at 10:43 AM ET.

The rumor of Vista RTM on Monday didn’t pan out, but Mary Jo Foley says today’s the real deal:

The day has finally come: Windows Vista is going gold. And the public announcement that Windows Vista has been released to manufacturing is going to happen tomorrow, November 8, around 11 a.m. PST, sources close to the company are saying.

The main course must be close, because yesterday we got the appetizers as Microsoft released the .NET Framework 3.0, Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office for the 2007 Microsoft Office system, ASP.NET AJAX and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition:

The technologies announced today include the following:

• The release to manufacturing of Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0, which provides advances for building rich, interactive client applications (Windows Presentation Foundation), communication and workflow (Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation) and online identity management (Windows CardSpace).

• The availability to MSDN® Premium subscribers of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system on release to manufacturing.

• The availability of Visual Studio 2005 extensions for the .NET Framework 3.0, a series of plug-ins and project templates that enable developers to use Visual Studio 2005 to build .NET Framework 3.0 solutions.

• The release to manufacturing of Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office for the 2007 Microsoft Office system to build solutions for the six major applications in the 2007 Microsoft Office system: Office Word, Office Excel®, Office Outlook®, Office PowerPoint®, Office Visio® and Office InfoPath®. Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office for the 2007 Microsoft Office system enables developers to build scalable, robust line-of-business applications that leverage the functionality of the 2007 Microsoft Office system.

• Beta 2 of ASP.NET AJAX Extensions and the Microsoft Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) Library (collectively called ASP.NET AJAX), formerly codenamed “Atlas,” is a free framework that allows developers to quickly create a new generation of more-efficient, more-interactive and highly personalized Web experiences that work across the most popular browsers.

• The release candidate of Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005 Compact Edition, a new offering for essential relational database functionality in a compact footprint. By sharing a familiar SQL Server syntax and common ADO.NET programming model with other editions of SQL Server, SQL Server Compact Edition allows developers and administrators to apply their existing skills and be immediately productive. The release candidate is available via download at

All of the above are available now. Still in the oven however is SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (SP2) for which a new Community Technology Preview (CTP) was released yesterday. It’s required for Vista because, as mentioned here previously, it provides SQL Server Express Edition which replaces the Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) used by some Microsoft and 3rd party applications, but which is not supported on Vista.

Ensuring Vista application compatibility isn’t glamorous, but it’s critical for rapid Vista uptake (particularly in large organizations) and Microsoft is trying to ease the pain with the release candidate of the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5 which was just posted.

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4 Responses to “At long last, Vista?”

  1. Windows Vista goes gold -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] As had been expected, Microsoft’s much delayed new client operating system, Windows Vista, was released to manufacturing today according to Jim Allchin, Co-President of Microsoft’s Platforms and Services Division who tersely blogged, “It’s time!” (Video here.) [...]

  2. Microsoft willing to license Office 2007 UI -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] There’s more by following the link, but you get the idea.  All of this begs the question of why one would want to use the Office UI in the first place since the usual route of developers enamored of Office is to use the Visual Studio tools for creating applications for Office itself (e.g. Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office (VSTO), not to mention VBA and VSTA) and that is separate from this license. From the Q&A at the first link: [...]

  3. Microsoft Weekly Miscellany, December 15, 2006 -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] More wrong conclusions – Vista flaw could haunt Microsoft. True, SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 with Vista support is late, but it has nothing to do with enterprise installations of SQL Server and competiton in that space with Oracle and IBM. It has everything to do with desktop applications from Microsoft and third parties which years ago bought into using the functionality of a desktop version of SQL Server which doesn’t exist yet in Vista compatible form. [...]

  4. Vista and Office 2007 postlaunch odds and ends -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Update: Also apparently AWOL is SQL Server 2005 SP2 which provides Vista support for SQL Server Express, the successor to MSDE which is unsupported on Vista and the desktop database for a number of applications including some from Microsoft. Filed under Office, Office 2007, OS – Client, Windows Vista, Executives, Servers, SQL Server, Technologies, PC Games, General Business, Licensing, Monad, Financial, Jim Allchin, Public Relations, Windows Live, Marketing, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft, PowerShell [...]

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