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June 11, 2007

At WWDC07 Jobs shows off Leopard, announces Safari for Windows

Posted by David Hunter at 10:18 PM ET.

Today was the kickoff of the 2007 Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) and as usual Steve Jobs were there to fire up the troops. Ryan Block at Engadget has the play-by-play complete with pictures, but here’s the net:

“We’ve got a basic version that will cost $129, we’ve got a Premium Version which will cost $129…” laughter and applause. “We’ve got a business version! $129. Ultimate version! We’re throwing everything into it, it’s $129.” Can’t even hear Steve, too much applause. “We think everyone’s going to buy the ultimate version.”

Wall Street wasn’t overly enthused about the keynote and I’d have to say that what Jobs revealed was interesting but not overwhelming. As for Safari on Windows, “What did he really mean by that?”

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