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January 26, 2007

AT&T blames Microsoft IPTV software for delays

Posted by David Hunter at 11:04 AM ET.

Jonathan Liss at Seeking Alpha reveals some executive comments made yesterday on AT&T’s earnings call that reveal a rough patch in their joint IPTV efforts:

AT&T is blaming delays in the successful rollout of its IPTV service on glitches in the Microsoft software on which it operates. AT&T’s in-home TV service was supposed to be available in 15 markets by the end of 2006; it has instead only been rolled out in 11, and in limited form. As a result, the Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T CFO Rick Lindner has decided against heavily marketing the service so as not to increase demand until the problems are solved. But AT&T stopped short of losing hope in its partnership with Microsoft or in the effectiveness of its software.

That’s not good news, but delays and glitches always seem to be the norm in video on demand efforts, not just those involving Microsoft.

Update 1/29: More details on the status of Microsoft’s IPTV partnerships from John Blau at InfoWorld including:

AT&T is one of more than 15 network operators in the U.S. and Europe deploying Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software. Several of them, including Swisscom and Deutsche Telekom, have experienced technical hiccups with the platform, forcing them to delay commercial service.

But the two European operators have been able to overcome their technical issues to offer service.

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One Response to “AT&T blames Microsoft IPTV software for delays”

  1. AT&T resumes Microsoft IPTV rollout -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Back in January, it was reported that AT&T had suspended it’s IPTV program until some problems with Microsoft software were resolved. Now the partners say everything is back on track: AT&T Inc.’s push into cable TV is ramping back up after a pause prompted by glitches that the company says have been resolved with key network software upgrades. [...]

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