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August 1, 2006

Beta testers say Vista needs more time in the oven

Posted by David Hunter at 9:40 AM ET.

Robert McLaws started it yesterday with Vista Needs More Time: The Entry I Didn’t Want To Write:

I’ve been defending Microsoft’s ship schedule for Windows Vista for quite some time. Up to this point, I’ve been confident that Vista would be at the quality level it needs to be by RC1 to make the launch fantastic. Having tested several builds between Beta 2 and today, I hate to say that I no longer feel that way.

Windows Management (that means you, Jim): Give your people a little more time to get it right. You’ll be lambasted for it. But it doesn’t matter what 125 people in the media will say. 700 million Windows users will thank you.

There’s much more detail on McLaws’ reasons for his view by following the link, but his forthright plea has garnered support in the non-Microsoft technical community who are also testing the Vista betas.

Ed Bott:

There’s some truly great stuff in Windows Vista, but current builds are not at the quality level they need to be at for a release candidate to appear in the next few weeks. If management insists on hitting an arbitrary January ship date, the results will be disappointing at best, and potentially nightmarish.

Jim, are you listening?

Former Microsoft blogger, Robert Scoble:

I’m sad to agree with Robert McLaws about Windows Vista’s ship schedule. This sucker is just not ready. Too many things are too slow and/or don’t work. I’ve been on the betas of every Windows OS since Windows 3.1 and Vista is starting to feel good, but it doesn’t feel good enough to release to the factory in October. It feels like it needs a good six more months than that, which would mean a mid-year release next year.

If this ships in October, I will recommend not installing it and waiting for the first service pack. There’s no way the quality will be high enough to trust it if it ships early. I hope Microsoft takes the time to do this right.

Be sure to also read the comments on these posts for more tester feedback.

By the way, the Jim referred to above is Jim Allchin, the Co-President of Microsoft’s Platforms & Services Division and the executive responsible for Vista. As I observed back when it was announced that Allchin would retire at the “end of calendar year 2006 following the commercial availability of Windows Vista”:

Whichever comes last, presumably.

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2 Responses to “Beta testers say Vista needs more time in the oven”

  1. Businesses predictably shy about Vista -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] “We will switch to it, but we won’t lead,” Arroyo said in an interview. “Let somebody else work out the bugs.” … “We always wait awhile,” said Chasney, whose Carpinteria, Calif.-based CKE Restaurants operates chains including Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. “Those releases have some rough edges. The last thing we want to do is subject a bunch of people to them.” This is no particular surprise, since being shy of “version 1.0″ has a long and honorable history and given the continuing unease about Vista, is probably more justifiably prudent than usual. With personal computers the trick is to find a vendor that will sell you one preloaded with the previous Windows operating system instead of the latest and greatest. If your business chooses to reload all new systems with a custom image anyhow, then it’s no problem as Microsoft volume licensees can basically load whatever they want using downgrade rights. Of course, that’s generally only for larger businesses, but that’s what the JupiterResearch report covers as Wilcox discusses at his blog. Filed under OS – Client, Windows Vista, General Business, Licensing, Obsolescence, Microsoft   [Permalink] [...]

  2. Windows Vista full speed ahead to RC1 and RTM -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Paul Thurrott at Windows IT Pro has the exclusive: According to sources at Microsoft, the company plans to ship Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) in early September. More important, perhaps, is that Microsoft still plans to release Vista to manufacturing by the end of October as previously planned, defying rumors that the company would delay Vista yet again. More by following the link, but he’s predicting RC1 on or after Sept. 7. I guess Microsoft didn’t take to heart the forebodings of some of their beta testers. Filed under OS – Client, Windows Vista, Beta and CTP, Microsoft   [Permalink] [TrackBack] [...]

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