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September 4, 2007

Buffing up Windows Live

Posted by David Hunter at 9:35 AM ET.

Apparently John Markoff at the NY Times is the preferred venue for Windows Live PR puffery. It’s not so much that Mr. Markoff has the exclusive on announcing that this week Microsoft will ship the rather mundane unified installer for a selection of Windows Live services that was revealed in June, it’s that the article has the “Golly Gee” tone typical of the worst flackery and overlooks the substantial problems with Microsoft’s whole Windows Live effort.

I suppose I could make more snarky comments, but instead I’ll refer you to the devastation wrought by Kip Kniskern at LiveSide who in turn suggests reading Fake Steve Jobs’ flamethrowing “Another big wet sloppy kiss for the Borg.” Actually though, perhaps the most humorous line is in Mr. Markoff’s article when he quotes Brian Hall, general manager for Microsoft’s Windows Live services:

He said the software would be the first full release of Windows Live that is intended to produce a “relatively seamless” experience between the different services and applications.

Sounds like duct tape to me.

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2 Responses to “Buffing up Windows Live”

  1. Chris Says:

    You should see Kip on a bad day ;)

    Love the use of the word puffery.

  2. Microsoft introduces Windows Live Suite -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] It’s rather an anticlimax since John Markoff told us all about it, but today Microsoft introduced spiffed up versions of some of their Windows Live software and an installer that will install them all as a suite: [...]

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