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November 18, 2005

Buzz: No Vista November CTP today

Posted by David Hunter at 2:13 PM ET.

(Via Brandon LeBlanc) It had been anticipated that Microsoft would release the November CTP of Vista either yesterday or today, but WinBeta reports:

*UPDATE* Microsoft sources confirmed this morning (Friday) that they are still compiling 5259 builds and have yet to settle on one they are willing to release. Until this is achieved, testers and enthusiasts alike will settle back and wait.

There are currently no plans to release any more interim builds after the November CTP until beta 2 although Microsoft said that that is open to change if they feel there are builds beta testers should receive.

On the other hand, the WinFX November CTP was released. Tim Sneath:

This release is particularly exciting, because it is based on the final .NET Framework 2.0 bits. You’ve no excuse now for not installing WinFX and starting to prototype a great Windows Presentation Foundation application!

My esteemed colleague Karsten Januszewski has stepped up to the mark and produced a great white paper (he’s posting it to his blog today) that describes the new features added to WPF in this CTP release (there’s some great new animation work that’s exposed here) as well as highlighting the API breaking changes since the PDC release. We’re gradually getting closer to being API complete for the first release – there’s probably just one more set of breaking changes to go in that will be exposed in a CTP release in the first month or two of next year, but otherwise we’re entering the glidepath – starting to focus on performance and stability beyond all other considerations. It’s going to be an exciting year!

See Karsten Januszewski’s and Lori Pearce’s posts for more, but in case the distinction isn’t clear, the WinFX CTP is only supported on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

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