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December 11, 2007

Microsoft to serve ads for

Posted by David Hunter at 12:41 AM ET.

Microsoft today announced an agreement with CNBC to be the financial network’s exclusive provider for banner and contextual ads for the fledgling (replacing Google’s would-be acquisition DoubleClick). You may recall that went its own way last year after having been hosted on MSN.


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December 4, 2006

CNBC launches own website after splitting with MSN

Posted by David Hunter at 10:18 AM ET.

CNBC has been off the Web for six months after a five year agreement with MSN expired at the end of the second quarter, but now they are back with a splash:

Top U.S. business news cable network CNBC will on Monday relaunch its Web site with a focus on adding more video and investors’ tools.

The Web site of the network owned by General Electric’s NBC Universal has been controlled by Microsoft Corp. since 2001, and critics have said it was little more than an afterthought for the powerhouse cable TV network.

The relaunch aims to bridge the gap between its traditional television operations and new media division, a trend that has swept across a media industry seeking to court consumers, who are as likely to be informed by watching TV as they are by surfing the Internet and wireless devices.

“CNBC and are one and the same,” Mark Hoffman, CNBC president, said in an interview last month.

The new will offer 3-8 hours of live programming daily as well as an originally produced show that will feature its on-air talent Maria Bartiromo, Bill Griffeth and Joe Kernen.

At launch, some 13,000 videos of its interviews will be made available, with 75 new additional videos posted daily.

More details by following the link and from Frank Barnako:

There’s little mystery about why CNBC is redoing its site, only why it took so long.  Buried inside MSN, the old site gave CNBC little opportunity to build its brand.  Adding streaming is, of course, an aggressive move and one which certainly raises the stakes for whatever Fox (NWS) may be planning for its business channel.

Media deals come and go, of course, but it illustrates the quandary facing 3rd parties that consider doing content hosting deals with MSN or any other portal site. As for Fox News, it has apparently gone the other way and struck a deal to provide financial news video content for Yahoo.

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