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September 20, 2006

Spruced up Windows Live Expo features PayPal payments

Posted by David Hunter at 8:55 PM ET.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Expo “classified ads with a social networking twist” service was just launched in July, and already there’s an update featuring PayPal payments, improved job listings, new featured advertisments, and more. Team Expo announces the changes at the Windows Live Expo weblog:

We are delighted to announce a new update to the Windows Live Expo service which launched today!

As part of this update we wanted to highlight the following new features:

Integrated payment service: Paypal’s 150 million registered users can now easily reference their account in order to complete secure person-to-person transactions on Windows Live Expo.

New high quality job listings: Expo now allows users to search and browse thousands of local and national job listings which are supplied by our partner CareerBuilder.

Featured ads: The new featured ads area (provided by AdMission) allows you to generate a lot more interest in your listing by offering a fun, rich media experience that highlights your classified listing.

Smarter search results.

Tighter Live Messenger integration.

Apart from the features above, we also focused on performance improvements and increasing our ranking in search engines so that your listings have a better chance of being found on the popular search engines.

Craigslist staked out this space first and Google is there too with Google Base (and Payments), so without the traffic stats it’s hard to judge how a big a threat Expo is. However, eBay has got to be nervous even if they are taking a cut via PayPal. As for the traditional newspapers with their classified ads cash cow, they have already been taking their lumps.

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July 12, 2006

Windows Live Expo launched

Posted by David Hunter at 12:38 PM ET.

Yesterday at Microsoft’s Windows Live Expo blog:

Our free classified listing site has ‘graduated’ from the beta stage and is now a fully fledged Windows Live service. As part of this evening’s release you will notice that the site has received a significant make-over and we’ve added several new cool features. The other key piece of news is that we have created a UK beta version of Expo which will be available for internal consumption as of July 12th.

So it’s USA only for the moment and UK shortly. Expo is Microsoft’s Craigslist competitor with a social networking twist and is presumably a big deal, so you have to wonder why it gets announced with a blog post while the beta program got a press release. Betanews has more details including that Windows Live Expo had 1.2 million unique users last month.

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