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April 4, 2006

Lucent patent suit against Microsoft over Xbox 360

Posted by David Hunter at 8:05 AM ET.

From the Inquirer:

Networking giant Lucent is suing Microsoft alleging it breaches a patent it holds.

The patent, 5,227,878, was issued to Lucent on July 13th 1993 and called “Adaptive Coding and Decoding of Frames and Fields of Video”.

It’s not the first time Lucent and Microsoft have crossed swords on patents, nor indeed this one. An action started two years ago and in August 2005, the judge presiding in that case granted a summary judgement of invalidity because of a typo in the patent. That forced Lucent to get a certificate from the US patent office to correct the typo, which was issued at the end of October last year.

But, said Lucent in its filing at the end of March, Microsoft has infringed this patent by releasing the Xbox 360 console, which has MPEG2 tech – it’s alleged that’s a breach of the Lucent patent.

Now we can wait a few years for this one to work its way to the the top of the judicial calendar.

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