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December 28, 2005

Details of Microsoft telecom deal in Japan released

Posted by David Hunter at 9:43 AM ET.

Today Microsoft has a press release about the Microsoft telecom deal in Japan we mentioned yesterday and the parameters are rather different than the original press report hinted at:

Microsoft Co. Ltd., SOFTBANK BB Corp., and JAPAN TELECOM CO. LTD., announced that they are developing a security-enhanced, integrated communications service that combines voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), e-mail, Internet access, groupware, presence, instant messaging and desktop services with network infrastructure, and that they have formed a strategic business alliance to provide this service as a business-oriented solution.

The combination of Microsoft® Solution for Enhanced VoIP Services with the IP phone expertise of SOFTBANK BB, Japan’s largest carrier of IP phone services, delivers a platform with enhanced security that provides rich messaging, presence and collaboration functions with high-quality voice services. Further, JAPAN TELECOM plans to couple this integrated communication service with its high-quality networking infrastructure and managed network operation to provide its own information communication technologies (ICT) platform service to the corporate market.

The target is small and medium businesses. The Microsoft® Solution for Enhanced VoIP Services is one of Microsoft’s service provider offerings combining the Microsoft® Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration with partner Sylantro Systems Corp.’s Application Feature Server. A similar deal was done in September in the USA with Qwest.

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September 20, 2005

Qwest and Microsoft to Deliver VoIP Services to SMBs

Posted by David Hunter at 9:35 AM ET.

Qwest and Microsoft to Deliver VoIP Services via the Desktop to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses:

Today at Fall 2005 VON, Qwest Communications International Inc. and Microsoft Corp. announced that they are working together to provide small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers with a converged communications solution. By integrating the Microsoft® Solution for Enhanced VoIP services with Qwest’s OneFlex™ Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services, Qwest will offer SMB subscribers a comprehensive managed suite of services that combines VoIP, e-mail, Internet access, collaboration, presence, instant messaging and desktop services.

Qwest and Microsoft expect the service will be available in 2006. Qwest is the first service provider to integrate the Microsoft Solution for Enhanced VoIP Services.

The Microsoft Solution for Enhanced VoIP Services combines hosted versions of Microsoft server products including Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and Windows® SharePoint® Services with Sylantro Systems’ Application Feature Server.

Here’s the original Microsoft/Sylantro press release and the the Hosted Messaging and Collaboration home page.

Update: Today, AOL also announced a VoIP offering. Russell Shaw has the details:

This morning, AOL is announcing the impending availability of its new TotalTalk VoIP service.

The service, which will debut October 4, will be embedded within AOL’s new AIM Triton software, which will be posted for download in the next day or two.

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