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June 5, 2006

Microsoft inks multiyear deal with WebTrends

Posted by David Hunter at 8:31 PM ET.


Software giant Microsoft Corp. has adopted WebTrends’ On Demand software to perform Web analytics throughout its organization, replacing a number of different technologies the company was using within different groups.

Portland-headquartered WebTrends did not say how much these sales would add to its overall revenue, but did say that the Microsoft deal is in the “multimillions” per year, and stretches over several years.

There’s more in the article about WebTrends, but it has long been the big name in Web analytics. The WebTrends press release has more:

Between May and December of 2005 launched a search for a third-party web analytics solution, evaluating a number of vendors to replace a variety of solutions in use throughout its organization. The goal of this effort was to select a solution that would offer enhanced reporting functionality and consistent metrics across functional groups within Microsoft.

WebTrends and its primary competitors were selected for extensive proof-of-concept evaluations, which included an examination of company viability, reporting accuracy and flexibility, implementation time and costs, as well as training and support. The ease with which end-users could use the solution to produce the needed insights was also a critical selection factor, which was evaluated by gauging their ability to complete a series of exercises corresponding to functionality they deemed as important. WebTrends was found to be the best choice for Microsoft, scoring high in a number of scenarios involving usability, geographical segmentation and site summary reporting.

This presumably is a specific deal because in May, Microsoft made a “significant investment” in Web analytics firm DeepMetrix whose technology will be used in Microsoft developed Web analytics tools for MSN, Windows Live, and Office Live.

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