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March 13, 2009

Microsoft kills adCenter (Gatineau) Web analytics service

Posted by David Hunter at 1:09 AM ET.

Microsoft today announced the demise of their Gatineau Web analytics service before it even left beta:

The Microsoft adCenter AnalyticsBeta team announced today the end of the adCenter Analytics beta program.

The beta has been closed, but the program will remain available to current users through December 31, 2009.

Please note that all hosted services, data collection, and technical support will end at that time. If you would like to save your historical data, please use the export feature to download your reports before December 31, 2009.

The insights you’ve contributed through your feedback and your use of the tool have served an invaluable purpose in shaping Microsoft’s future in this space. You’ve helped us work towards making an informed decision about building a general Web analytics solution, and despite the end of life plan, the beta was very much a success.

It enabled us to confidently determine that we can be of most value to advertisers and publishers by offering a tailored solution that meets more specialized needs.

And with that cryptic pronouncement the team fades into the sunset leaving a list of alternative sources of Web analytics software including the ubiquitous and free Google Analytics which targets the same small to medium publishers as did Gatineau. Sounds like a total writeoff to me, not only for the Gatineau effort, but also for the acquisition of DeepMetrix which provided the technology for Gatineau.

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October 29, 2007

Microsoft betas Gatineau Web analytics tool

Posted by David Hunter at 9:24 PM ET.

Microsoft today announced a public beta of Project Gatineau, their free Web analytics software that was revealed in January.


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July 23, 2007

Gatineau and that pesky demographic data

Posted by David Hunter at 7:58 PM ET.

Last week SEO guru David Naylor posted some leaked screen shots of Gatineau,  the adCenter Web analytics tool we previously mentioned in January. They are pretty much what one would expect for a Google Analytics competitor except for one that has a nice breakout of Web site visitors by gender and the promise of a similar breakout by age, neither of which Google provides.

Given today’s Microsoft positioning on privacy, one can’t help but be curious as to how this demographic data was obtained. Microsoft’s Ian Thomas explains:


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January 15, 2007

Microsoft’s Gatineau Web analytics tool revealed

Posted by David Hunter at 10:13 PM ET.

(Via Microsoft’s Ian Thomas reveals if not all, then at least a little bit:

I should know by now that you can’t hide anything from the Internet. So it doesn’t come as any great surprise to me that blog posts are starting to appear that have spotted that there is now something live on the Internet under the name of ‘Gatineau’.

As the observant amongst you will know, Gatineau is the code-name for our forthcoming web analytics tool. Earlier this month we took an early version of the code live onto the Internet as part of a closed Alpha program for a very limited number of our existing customers – so no, I’m afraid you can’t get a login ID to take a look at this stage.

Hit the the link for what few details he can reveal, but it’s based on technology obtained from DeepMetrix and they are hoping for a beta in a few months and release during 2007 as part of the Digital Advertising Solutions package, paralleling Google Analytics.

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