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February 14, 2008

Microsoft revamps Office Live Small Business

Posted by David Hunter at 2:08 PM ET.

Over the weekend Microsoft revamped their Office Live Small Business offering (which is the new name for the original Office Live which has little to do with Microsoft Office). Scott M Fulton III at BetaNews has a nice summary of the changes:


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October 1, 2007

Microsoft fights online office foes with Office Live Workspace

Posted by David Hunter at 11:12 AM ET.

Microsoft has a fundamental problem competing with the online office application offerings like Google Docs in that they want to avoid cannibalizing their considerable Microsoft Office revenues. Therefore they have to try to emulate the desirable features of the online offerings while still requiring that the users have a fully paid up copy of Microsoft Office. That’s just what they did today when they announced “Microsoft Office Live Workspace, a new Web-based feature of Microsoft Office that lets people access their documents online and share their work with others.”


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