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August 17, 2005

TPM in Longhorn (Vista) Server

Posted by David Hunter at 5:51 PM ET.

Ward at the Windows Server Division Weblog references Mary Jo Foley on TPM in the Vista client and then observes:

TPM technology is being realized as a part of the NGSCB in the next versions of both the client and the server. Earlier this year we talked about this at the WinHec and how this would be implemented in the Longhorn wave. So for those of you who want deeper, technical information on TPM; there is a nice little whitepaper that talks about the Design, Interaction, and Implementation of TPM in our products. I promise – it is a really good read!

You can grab it here: link

Filed under OS - Client, OS - Server, Security, TPM, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista

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