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November 12, 2007

Microsoft releases 3 System Center products and SQL Server 2008 CTP

Posted by David Hunter at 12:07 PM ET.

In addition to the Windows Server 2008 version menu revealed at TechEd IT Forum 2007, Microsoft also announced the general availability of three System Center products and the November CTP for SQL Server 2008. The System Center releases are:


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August 28, 2007

System Center Configuration Manager 2007 released

Posted by David Hunter at 12:26 PM ET.

As promised in April, Microsoft announced on Monday that the successor to the venerable Systems Management Server (SMS) called System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 has been released to manufacturing.


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April 4, 2007

Microsoft Management Summit wrap-up

Posted by David Hunter at 11:13 AM ET.

Last week, Microsoft held its Microsoft Management Summit 2007 in San Diego and Mary Jo Foley, Omar van der Hoeven, and Maarten Goet have details and summaries of the high points. Key items related to Microsoft product plans:

Also related, Microsoft with a group of other tech companies have submitted their Service Modeling Language specification to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for review as an industrywide standard.

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February 25, 2007

Microsoft Miscellany, February 25, 2007

Posted by David Hunter at 10:49 AM ET.

Some Microsoft news items from last week that did not get a post of their own.

Microsoft competitor VMware is profiled in the NY Times. Uh-oh! Someone just said “Microsoft” and ”bundling.”

Wii outsold PS2 which outsold Xbox 360 which outsold PS3 in January big box retail sales in the US. Think there might be a message from consumers there?

Windows Vista Express Upgrades could finally begin shipping next week:

If you purchased a PC before January 30 and took advantage of the Vista Express Upgrade program, you know by now that this program is everything else but “Express”.

Blu-ray disc sales finally passed HD DVD, but the question is why the attach rate is so low given that Blu-ray players outnumber HD DVD about 5 to 1. Could it be that most Blu-ray players are the Sony PS3?

Details of Exchange 2007 SP1 revealed. Beta coming in April with final release alongside Longhorn server.

Configuration Manager 2007 Beta 2 is now available for public download. It’s the rebranded old favorite, Systems Management Server (SMS). Also, RC1 of System Center Essentials is now publicly available.

Microsoft to launch new consortium aimed at Oracle users on Feb. 26. It’s all about interoperability, I’m sure.

The South African government plans to switch from Microsoft to Open Source. So does Cuba. Meanwhile in the USA, Dell users demand Linux and OpenOffice on PCs via the new Dell company blog.

Microsoft sued over “Office Live” trademark.

And last, but not least: Microsoft offers to take Iowa antitrust jurors to dinner. I wonder if they can pay with vouchers?

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