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January 14, 2008

Neelie Kroes: She’s Back!

Posted by David Hunter at 2:56 PM ET.

European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes, fresh off her antitrust victory over Microsoft in the European Court of First Instance, has launched two new investigations into anticompetitive behavior by Microsoft:


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December 11, 2007

Microsoft cleanup crew tackles Netherlands ODF spill

Posted by David Hunter at 3:25 AM ET.

The Dutch parliament is considering mandating the use of the Open Document Format (ODF) across the entire Dutch government and unsurprisingly Microsoft lobbyists are on the case:


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December 3, 2007

Windows Mobile 6.1 spotted, Office Mobile 6.1 shipped

Posted by David Hunter at 8:57 PM ET.

The Boy Genius Report got hold of a new Motorola Q9 phone with Wi-Fi and were surprised to see that it is running Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. Hit the link for commentary and 100 pictures, but the changes while pleasant aren’t that large since it is a point release. The most popular around the phone gadget sites seems to be the threaded SMS.

Coincidently, another 6.1 appeared last week, Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 which was finally released after having been shipped and then withdrawn in September. The biggest change is support for the Open Office XML (OOXML) document formats introduced with Office 2007. Other enhancements are:

One other change – Windows Mobile users pining for Office Mobile but left bereft by their carriers can now buy Office Mobile 6.1 direct from Microsoft for $50 via

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September 18, 2007

IBM offers Open Office as a reborn Lotus Symphony

Posted by David Hunter at 12:46 PM ET.

It’s been little known outside the enterprise software market that IBM has been offering variants of open source Open Office desk top software as part of their Lotus Notes email and collaboration package for several years. Today they went a step further in offering them as a free standalone package called Lotus Symphony as IBM’s Ed Brill explains:


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