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September 18, 2007

IBM offers Open Office as a reborn Lotus Symphony

Posted by David Hunter at 12:46 PM ET.

It’s been little known outside the enterprise software market that IBM has been offering variants of open source Open Office desk top software as part of their Lotus Notes email and collaboration package for several years. Today they went a step further in offering them as a free standalone package called Lotus Symphony as IBM’s Ed Brill explains:


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July 6, 2007

Microsoft document standards news notes

Posted by David Hunter at 3:53 PM ET.

A week without some news about Microsoft and its document standards battles would be like a week without rain. Based on the number of items this week, it must be rather soggy outside.


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June 4, 2007

Microsoft stymies state ODF adoption

Posted by David Hunter at 12:04 PM ET.

Back in April I noted how Microsoft lobbyists were working a full court press to stop passage of US state laws fostering the OpenDocument Format. It turns out they have been very effective:

In a resounding victory for Microsoft Corp., bills seeking to mandate the use of open document formats by government agencies have been defeated in five states, and only a much-watered-down version of such legislation was signed into law in a sixth state.

The proposed bills would have required state agencies to use freely available and interoperable file formats, such as the Open Document Format (ODF) for Office Applications, instead of Microsoft Corp.’s proprietary Office formats.

Of course, Microsoft would call their Open XML “freely available and interoperable” too.

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April 27, 2007

Microsoft Weekly Miscellany, April 27, 2007

Posted by David Hunter at 8:12 PM ET.

Some Microsoft news items from this week that did not find posts of their own:

State by state, Microsoft responds to creeping threat of OpenDocument Format:

Ed Homan, an orthopedic surgeon representing a central Florida district in the state legislature, thought an amendment touting open-source document formats he tucked into a 38-page bill wouldn’t draw much attention.

But within an hour of the proposed bill’s reading in late March, Homan said, he was greeted in his office by three lobbyists representing Microsoft Corp.

“They were here lickety-split,” Homan said. “I had no idea it was going to get that kind of reaction.”

Office 2003 SP3 will be a security upgrade featuring technologies from Office 2007. No date.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager Beta 2 released.

China Telecom gives Google Web advertising rights. Microsoft had earlier done a search deal with China Telecom, but doesn’t seem to be in any position to provide Chinese ads, since they have farmed their own out to Baidu.

No demand for Microsoft Office in the cloud according to Microsoft execs. No surprise there.

Executive departures:

Microsoft angst fodder:

Legal shenanigans:

Finally one from last week – Microsoft and Samsung signed a broad patent cross-licensing agreement.

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