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December 6, 2006

Microsoft launches Windows Unified Data Storage Server

Posted by David Hunter at 4:19 PM ET.

Microsoft today unexpectedly launched the Windows Unified Data Storage Server which provides simplified network storage solutions for medium size businesses (via OEMs of course):

In response to this need, today we launched a new Windows storage platform:  Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003 (WUDSS.)  This new product – available now within Dell’s new PowerVault NX1950 hardware and through other OEMs later – represents a big milestone for Microsoft storage technology. By bringing together Windows Storage Server file server capabilities, Windows iSCSI target and initiator software, and new storage management features, WUDSS will be an ideal mid-range solution for customers looking to more easily store and manage file and block (email, database, line of business applications) data.  WUDSS is great progress on our overall goal of making high end storage capabilities more affordable and accessible to a broader market. 

Per the press release linked above:

Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003 is a new Microsoft storage platform providing an advanced file server and IP SAN (iSCSI) capabilities, as well as unified management tools for easy deployment and maintenance in heterogeneous environments.

Think of WUDSS as an easier to use version of Windows Storage Server. I expect it has a different (and presumably lesser) price point too, but that wasn’t specified.

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July 30, 2006

Microsoft Weekly Miscellany

Posted by David Hunter at 4:16 PM ET.

A selection of “small” Microsoft stories from last week:

Vista’s voice recognition feature provided the comedic relief at last week’s Financial Analyst Meeting, but the claim is that it was a known beta bug. Speaking of Vista, Developers cry foul over Windows kernel security which makes things harder for both hackers and legitimate security software from third parties. Microsoft released Vista upgrade information, but take it with a grain of salt. Finally, a frequent refrain: “No one outside of the 98052 ZIP code seems to believe that Windows Vista is really going to ship when Microsoft says it will.”

What RealNetworks thinks about Microsoft’s Zune – Rob Glaser would like Microsoft’s spurned partners to call.

Shocking news: Lehman Bros. thinks Microsoft Poses Long-Term Web Threat To Google, Yahoo. The NY Times had more on the same competition from a Yahoo perspective.

Californians to Soon Get $1.1B from Microsoft. It’s another state antitrust settlement.

Microsoft plans to charge $1.50 for the next Office 2007 beta to help pay for the bandwidth and hosting required by the unprecedented demand. Starts next Wednesday at 6PM PDT, but only applies to new testers.

The Microsoft Developer Network Library is now a free download. It used to be only available to MSDN subscribers although there is an online version.

Microsoft recalled Small Business Server 2003 R2 due to a manufacturing defect.

Microsoft Sets Sights on iSCSI: “Microsoft on Friday will release the iSCSI target technology it acquired from String Bean Software earlier this year.

Microsoft Releases Free Commerce Server 2007 Developer Edition . This used to be Commerce Server 2006 but has undergone a name change. The full version is supposed to be available on August 1.

Windows Live Mail Desktop starts an open beta – also sometimes called Windows Live Mail Center.

Microsoft Defends WGA, Plans Similar Tool to Validate Office

OpenDocument wins more fans

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March 3, 2006

Microsoft acquires iSCSI technology from startup

Posted by David Hunter at 7:49 PM ET.

Joseph F. Kovar at CRN:

Microsoft is extending its storage operating system from NAS to the iSCSI SAN space thanks to iSCSI initiator software technology it acquired.

Microsoft said Friday it has acquired the technical assets and intellectual property of String Bean Software and hired three of the four people who worked at the Montgomery Village, Md.-based developer of iSCSI targets.

Building a SAN based on iSCSI requires that the host server has an iSCSI initiator for sending data and that the storage device has an iSCSI target for receiving the data.

While Microsoft has included iSCSI initiators with its server operating systems for some time, the company has not made an iSCSI target available with its storage operating system, Windows Storage Server 2003.

With the iSCSI target, Microsoft plans to make it possible for OEMs, and possibly eventually custom system builders, to use its WSS 2003 to build hybrid storage appliances that can be used for file (NAS) or block (iSCSI) applications, said Claude Lorenson, group product manager for the company’s Windows Server Division.

According to Byte and Switch, the Microsoft version of String Bean’s WinTarget software will be an extra cost option.

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