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December 13, 2005

“Java? It’s So Nineties”

Posted by David Hunter at 6:24 PM ET.

That’s the title of Steve Hamm’s analysis at BusinessWeek Online:

Peter Yared, CEO of software maker ActiveGrid, spent a critical chapter of his career steeped in Java, the programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. In the late 1990s, Yared was chief technology officer of NetDynamics, which pioneered an application server designed to boost the performance of Web sites. It was based squarely on then wildly popular Java. He went on to spend five years as an executive at Sun. So it’s especially surprising that Yared holds this view: “Java is a dinosaur.”

But Yared has good reason for thinking that way. His two-year-old company sells what he calls a “next generation” application server, used to build Web sites and corporate applications, that doesn’t rely on Java. Instead, it’s tied to open-source software packages, including the Linux operating system, the Apache Web server, the MySQL database, and a collection of so-called scripting languages that all start with the letter P — Perl, Python, and PHP. Hence the acronym LAMP.

Yared says developers far and wide are creating a new generation of Internet-based applications with LAMP and related technologies rather than with Java. Can it possibly be that Java — once the hippest of hip software — has become a legacy technology, as old and out of style as IBM’s (IBM) mainframe computers and SAP’s corporate applications? Mounting evidence points to yes.

Hit the link for more, but there are a variety of indications that LAMP and .NET are gaining share while Java is declining. Not everyone agrees, of course.

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