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June 8, 2008

Microsoft shuttering Windows Live Expo

Posted by David Hunter at 6:09 PM ET.

Windows Live Expo, Microsoft’s Craigslist competitor that was supposed to provide online classified ads with a social networking twist and which was launched in the USA in July 2006 is now being closed down by Microsoft. According to a popup on the Expo site:

Windows Live Expo will discontinue service on 31 July 2008. In preparation, the following features are no longer available:

  • Create a new account.
  • Post a new listing.
  • Extend a listing.
  • Upgrade a listing to a premium listing.

All current listings will remain on until they expire.

It looks like Microsoft is conducting a little late Spring cleaning on Windows Live and tossing out some of the less successful efforts. First it was Live Search Books and Live Search Academic and now Live Expo. If Windows Live actually had a guiding philosophy it seemed to be a "complete" Web experience for the end user, but many of the offerings seemed to have little business justification or merely replicated existing services from other vendors as exemplified by the services already cut. It will be interesting to see how far Microsoft takes this housecleaning.

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December 9, 2006

Microsoft Weekly Miscellany, December 9, 2006

Posted by David Hunter at 5:58 PM ET.

Microsoft released a beta of Windows Live Search Books (formerly MSN Book Search) which indexes out-of-copyright books and a new beta of Windows Live Search Academic (formerly Windows Live Academic Search) which indexes academic journals.

Also in Windows Live Land, Windows Live Custom Domains got an update as did Windows Live Expo and the beta of Windows Live Connection Center Wi-Fi.

Despite the recent demise of Google Answers, Amazon has launched a new question and answer service:

Check out Amazon’s newest service, Askville.

… This is a “questions & answer” site similar to Yahoo, Yedda, AnswerBag, the recently departed Google Answers and even the rarely mentioned Microsoft QnA.

Users turned grumpy over perceived delays in Office 2007 compatibility for Mac Office and Windows Mobile.

Jim Allchin explains Vista Power Management at incredible length since Microsoft has “enhanced” the operating system’s “power off” switch.

Microsoft, HP and other tech firms plan to push for a new US data privacy law next year.

Another strange Zune ad. Don’t worry, you likely won’t have to restrain yourself from filling your shopping cart with Zunes, but you may want a cookie.

Alcatel may be suing Microsoft but they are still jointly selling IPTV.

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September 29, 2006

Microsoft beta roundup – Forefront for SharePoint and more

Posted by David Hunter at 10:56 AM ET.

Some new Microsoft betas this week (so far):

Microsoft Launches Forefront Security for SharePoint Beta

Microsoft Corp. today (Sept. 28) is launching the public beta of Forefront Security for SharePoint® ( This latest release of Microsoft® Forefront security products for businesses is based on Antigen for SharePoint Server, the multi-engine security solution acquired by Microsoft as part of the acquisition of Sybari Software Inc. in 2005.

Forefront Security for SharePoint is optimized to provide advanced protection for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows® SharePoint Services 3.0. Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies facilitate easy collaboration across an organization, connecting people, processes and systems within and beyond organizational boundaries. Forefront Security for SharePoint uses the combined power of multiple antivirus engines from leading security providers to protect against viruses, unwanted files and inappropriate content.

While we’re on the subject, Microsoft was also touting Gartner’s glowing assessment of their email security offerings including including Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services and Forefront Security for Exchange Server.

Windows Mobile Device Center Beta Coming Soon
. It’s the replacement in Vista of ActiveSynch for synching up mobile devices with a Vista machine. It was AWOL in Vista RC1.

Windows PowerShell Release Candidate 2 was released. The scripting tool (codenamed “Monad”) for system administration tasks is expected to ship in the 4th quarter and/or embedded in Exchange 2007 when it ships.

The Windows Live Writer blogging tool beta got an update which fixed a number of problems in the original beta released in August.

Windows Live Expo started a limited beta in the UK.

Microsoft Releases First Broad Beta Developer Kit for .NET Micro Framework:

Microsoft Corp. today (Sept. 26) released a beta developer kit for the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework, a new development platform for use with devices that are typically constrained by cost, memory, processor and/or power consumption. Announced at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, the .NET Micro Framework broad beta extends the advantages of .NET and the Visual Studio® toolset into a class of the smallest of devices.

The .NET Micro Framework grew out of the Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) initiative at Microsoft.

Here’s an explanation:

The framework currently provides the software platform for all Smart Watches for MSN Direct. Additionally, the company plans to include it in Windows Vista SideShow displays and in an upcoming version of Microsoft TV Foundation Edition, the statements say.

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September 20, 2006

Spruced up Windows Live Expo features PayPal payments

Posted by David Hunter at 8:55 PM ET.

Microsoft’s Windows Live Expo “classified ads with a social networking twist” service was just launched in July, and already there’s an update featuring PayPal payments, improved job listings, new featured advertisments, and more. Team Expo announces the changes at the Windows Live Expo weblog:

We are delighted to announce a new update to the Windows Live Expo service which launched today!

As part of this update we wanted to highlight the following new features:

Integrated payment service: Paypal’s 150 million registered users can now easily reference their account in order to complete secure person-to-person transactions on Windows Live Expo.

New high quality job listings: Expo now allows users to search and browse thousands of local and national job listings which are supplied by our partner CareerBuilder.

Featured ads: The new featured ads area (provided by AdMission) allows you to generate a lot more interest in your listing by offering a fun, rich media experience that highlights your classified listing.

Smarter search results.

Tighter Live Messenger integration.

Apart from the features above, we also focused on performance improvements and increasing our ranking in search engines so that your listings have a better chance of being found on the popular search engines.

Craigslist staked out this space first and Google is there too with Google Base (and Payments), so without the traffic stats it’s hard to judge how a big a threat Expo is. However, eBay has got to be nervous even if they are taking a cut via PayPal. As for the traditional newspapers with their classified ads cash cow, they have already been taking their lumps.

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