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January 4, 2007

Limited beta announced for Windows Live for TV

Posted by David Hunter at 9:12 PM ET.

Microsoft answered everyone’s fervent wishes for more products with the Windows Live brand by announcing a limited beta of Windows Live for TV. The Microsoft team blog, In Orbit, explains what WLfTV is:

Windows Live for TV is an early beta 3D browser application that makes it easy to connect to your social network as well as friends and family from within Vista Media Center or IE7.0. You’re be able to view the best of Windows Live Spaces and communicate with Friends and Family over Windows Live Messenger 8.1 with voice & text chat as well as make a phone call.

Couldn’t we do that already? Wait, there’s a better explanation plus some screenshots at Windows Live Ideas:

Windows Live for TV Beta is a rich, graphically-driven interface designed for people who use Windows Live Spaces and Messenger and Live Call on large-screen monitors and TVs.

Note that Windows Vista is required, but it does look slick and a bit Sci-Fi. However, once again I have to observe that Microsoft seems to be giving everything the Windows Live brand but the kitchen sink. WLfTV is a nice niche mashup of some real Windows Live online services, but why mangle the branding, particularly with a name that evokes images of something quite different?

Update Dec. 5: This is the project codenamed Nemo that was rumored to be on hold back in October. The current codename is apparently Orbit.

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