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November 1, 2005

Does Mean the End of MSN?

Posted by David Hunter at 9:55 PM ET.

Nate Mook at BetaNews asks the question:

One of the most frequently asked questions following the Windows Live launch on Tuesday has been: “What happens to MSN?” Microsoft executives were quick to reassure that the online brand will survive. But with Messenger, Search, Mail and more becoming Windows Live services, what’s left for MSN?

The answer isn’t yet clear and will likely only come into focus once Microsoft’s next-generation products begin rolling out next year. What is known is that most existing MSN services will get the new Windows Live moniker. will remain as a content portal, Microsoft contends, but its future is murky at best. Some reports have stated that will become the new default homepage in Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista. Moreover, the new Windows Sidebar will integrate with content modules from – not MSN.

Much more by following the link, but it’s clear that a deliberate decision was made to downgrade the established MSN brand.

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One Response to “Does Mean the End of MSN?”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » MSN to be rebranded? Says:

    [...] More by following the link, but something of this sort is to be expected if Microsoft wants to position MSN as a content distributor while the services transition over to Windows Live. There have been alternate theories about the future of MSN, though. Filed under MSN, General Business, Windows Live, Marketing, MSN Music, MSN Video Listen to this article   [Permalink] [...]

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