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January 23, 2007

Elusive Vista Service Pack 1 spotted

Posted by David Hunter at 12:19 PM ET.

Mary Jo Foley spots the elusive Vista SP1 which is now said to be arriving in 2H2007. We thereby have a rough date for all the big business users who are reputed to be awaiting the first service pack to consider introducing Vista into their production infrastructures. My personal belief is that most large enterprises have their own testing and adoption cycles that are independent of the service pack date, but which may well coincide serendipitously.

There is also a difference of opinion as to whether the Microsoft project codenamed Fiji is SP1 or a later “Vista R2″ release, but I’m saving it for the latter based mostly on the desire to not to call it R2.

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One Response to “Elusive Vista Service Pack 1 spotted”

  1. Vista Service Pack 1 spotted … at Microsoft -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Long Zheng spots the elusive Vista Service Pack (SP1) and shockingly it was mentioned at Microsoft Downloads. The fact that there will be an SP1 is hardly a surprise and the download for a beta automated installation kit doesn’t reveal anything about SP1 features. It’s just that Microsoft Windows executives have decreed that public discussion of SP1 is forbidden so it is rather poetic justice to see it mentioned prominently on their own website. Long Zheng has some graphic thoughts in that regard too. Filed under OS – Client, Windows Vista, Executives, Microsoft, Steven Sinofsky [...]

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