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November 10, 2006

Exchange RTM in December, lags Nov. 30 launch

Posted by David Hunter at 9:29 AM ET.

Office 2007 has RTMed, Windows Vista has RTMed, and now comes word from Peter Galli at Microsoft Watch on the release to manufacturing of Exchange Server 2007, the third product that will be launched on Nov. 30:

Exchange Server 2007 will be released to manufacturing in December and be available to customers within a number of days after that, Microsoft officials have confirmed.

The formal announcement of Exchange 2007′s RTM date was made in David Lemson’s keynote on November 7 at the Exchange Connections conference.

Lemson is the product unit manager for Exchange, and his keynote was blogged by Exchange MVP Paul Robichaux.

This means that the product will not be immediately available to Microsoft’s business customers at the company’s Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007 launch event on November 30.

Robichaux says, “December or bust!” Hopefully, it’s not an end of year death march.

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