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August 17, 2005

“Flaw on Tuesday, worm by Sunday”

Posted by David Hunter at 9:49 AM ET.

That’s how The Register titles their article on the ZoTob worm:

Virus writers have created a worm that spreads using a Microsoft Plug-and-Play vulnerability disclosed only last week. The ZoTob worm exploits a security weakness detailed just five days prior to its arrival last weekend.

Only Windows 2000 systems are at risk. And there is plenty of the usual less than clueful mainstream media coverage. Microsoft has issued a statement.

I can’t get too excited about an incident like this as a general rule, other than it is one more spot on the public’s perception of the whole personal computing experience and Microsoft products in particular. However, the quick reaction time of the malware writers in this case is alarming since many large IT organizations take a significant amount of time to qualify OS patches before rolling them out. It’s easy to say “why don’t they just roll out the patch when it is available,” but they also have to answer to the brass when a patch breaks a business critical application.

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