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June 30, 2006

Friday round up

Posted by David Hunter at 6:48 PM ET.

“Brace for impact!”: Microsoft Warns Employees of Likely Antitrust Fine

John Dvorak: Why Microsoft won’t buy Yahoo: “Sometimes you have to laugh out loud when a report comes out with analysis and suggestions that are so far out in left field that they can only be categorized as completely insane.” I felt bad that I didn’t have time to say something snarky about last week’s rumor, but I feel much better after reading Dvorak.

Microsoft Faces Class Action Suit: Lawsuit alleges that Windows Genuine Advantage antipiracy tool violates consumer protection laws. Unfortunately predictable. Also predictable is a worm pretending to be a WGA tester.

MobiTV does Windows Mobile: MobiTV Enables Consumers to Watch Live and Made-for-Mobile Television Content on Windows Mobile Powered Devices

Microsoft readies an “Ultimate” keyboard/mouse combo to ship alongside Vista which would go well with the rumored Microsoft branded Vista optimizing 22″ TFT monitor.

Microsoft launches CodePlex shared source project site: We mentioned it back in May when the beta test started.

A blast from the past: Microsoft says Go antitrust suit dismissed.

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One Response to “Friday round up”

  1. EU regulators back Microsoft fine -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] As expected, antitrust regulators from the European Union’s 25 countries voted to support the European Commission’s attempt to fine Microsoft: In a major step toward new penalties against Microsoft Corp., Europe’s antitrust regulators voted unanimously Monday to support fining the world’s largest software company for flouting a 2004 ruling, sources said. [...]

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