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November 24, 2005

FSF wants to join EU antitrust case against Microsoft

Posted by David Hunter at 8:43 AM ET.

(Via Matthew Newman at Bloomberg News:

Microsoft Corp.’s free-software competitors have asked a European Union court for permission to join EU regulators in an antitrust dispute with the company.

The Free Software Foundation Europe, which represents developers of programs such as Linux and Samba, an open-source replacement for Microsoft Windows’ networking features, asked to be interveners in an appeal at the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg.

“We want to make sure that Microsoft is forced to publish the communication specifications, and in a way that competition is possible, including for free software venders,” Georg Greve, president of Hamburg, Germany-based Free Software Foundation Europe, said Wednesday.

Advocates of open-source programs remain the EU’s main supporter in the case against Microsoft as businesses reach settlements with the company.

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