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November 11, 2005

Gartner: Ignore Vista until 2008

Posted by David Hunter at 4:55 PM ET.

Colin Barker at ZDNet UK:

Companies shouldn’t rush to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista, according to analysts at Gartner, who believe most firms could safely hold back until 2008.

The majority of improvements in Vista will be security-related and most of this functionality “is available via third-party products today”, Gartner claimed in a research note published on Friday.

While Vista will feature “offer incremental, evolutionary improvements” over its predecessors, XP users should “pursue a strategy of managed diversity” only bringing in Vista on new machines and not until 2008, the analysts recommend.

Most firms only bring in new Windows client versions on new hardware, so the controversial recommendation is to delay any Vista machines until 2008. More by following the link.

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One Response to “Gartner: Ignore Vista until 2008”

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » Blog Archive » Gartner clarifies Vista advice Says:

    [...] You may recall that, almost two weeks ago, the Gartner Group was reported to be recommending that businesses hold off on Vista upgrades until 2008. This was greeted with a certain amount of furor. Now, Colin Barker at CNET has the latest: Gartner Group has clarified its advice for when users should consider moving to Microsoft Vista, saying that organizations still running Windows 2000 should consider upgrading as soon as Vista ships. [...]

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