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June 19, 2007

Google acquires Zenter, rounds out its online PowerPoint play

Posted by David Hunter at 11:16 PM ET.

Today Google announced that it had acquired the assets of Zenter, a small software developer, whose IP rounds out that obtained in the earlier acquisition of Tonic Systems in providing an online clone of Microsoft’s offline Office PowerPoint presentation development and display package.

Nick Gonzalez at Techcrunch explains how the pieces fit together:

Zenter was focusing on the front end of the application, as well as community/sharing features. It complements Tonic, which focused on the back end technology for converting powerpoint presentations into Java objects. Zenter takes a more social look at slide shows, letting users share their projects and incorporate content directly from the web, including Google Images.

As always, no one expects these online Office clones to have provide functional equivalence. Instead, the objective is for them to be “good enough” for many current Office users with the added benefit of easy sharing of documents. That may be good enough to eventually put a crimp in Microsoft’s Office cash cow.

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One Response to “Google acquires Zenter, rounds out its online PowerPoint play”

  1. Google online PowerPoint challenge coming soon? -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] The Inquirer reports some buzz that Google is privately showing off a presentation package called Presently which is similar to Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint, but online of course. That such an offering was in the works to round out Google Apps has been no surprise since Google acquired software developers Zenter and Tonic systems earlier this year.   Filed under Office, Coopetition, Google, Microsoft, PowerPoint   [Permalink] [TrackBack] [...]

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