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October 5, 2005

“Google and Sun deal: That’s it?”

Posted by David Hunter at 6:35 AM ET.

That’s how Jennifer Guevin titles her CNET report on reaction to the big alliance news conference:

After much brouhaha leading up to Tuesday’s announcement of a new Sun Microsystems and Google partnership, many bloggers were left scratching their heads at a press event they considered anticlimactic.

Speculation that Google plans to square off with Microsoft in the software sector has been bouncing around tech journals for weeks. When plans of a joint announcement from Sun and Google surfaced, those rumors began to focus on what the two companies had to offer each other, and what sort of unified product they might release.

But far from what many had hoped for–an online application meant to rival Microsoft Office–the two companies announced simply that they would collaborate on work on Sun’s, Java and OpenSolaris, and Google’s Toolbar. Details about what exactly that will entail were vague at best, with the only nugget offered being that Sun, in the immediate future, will make Google’s toolbar a standard part of the package when users download Sun’s Java Runtime Environment from the server seller’s Web site.

The announcement left many bloggers less than thrilled, and blog entries with titles such as “Big whoop,” “That’s it?” and “Google and Sun announce yawn” abound on blog search site Technorati.

Hit the link for some quotes and not all of them were negative.

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One Response to ““Google and Sun deal: That’s it?””

  1. Microsoft News Tracker » StarOffice behind big Google Dell deal? Says:

    [...] Now, here is my take. I see a Google Branded version of Sun’s StarOffice. More by following the link, but wouldn’t that be a game changer? It would also explain the odd Google-Sun alliance announcement last October. While it still won’t do anything immediately good for Google’s bottom line, Microsoft could find it rather more uncomfortable. Filed under Coopetition, Google, Sun, OpenOffice, Dell Listen to this article   [Permalink] [...]

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