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March 27, 2007

Google mobile search riposte

Posted by David Hunter at 2:20 PM ET.

Did someone declare that today was mobile phone day? On top of the news from Microsoft/ZenZui and Yahoo, it turns out that Google chose today to release a new search for mobile phones:

For the last few weeks, some of our users have been test-driving our new mobile search and providing us with feedback so we can make it better. Now, we’ve actually been using your feedback to improve our mobile search since 2001. But the steps we’ve taken recently have everyone here pretty excited, as they increase the power of our search technology, helping you get the answers you need with minimal effort and distraction.

Starting today, we’re making our new mobile search openly available, so everyone can take it for a spin. The next time you visit on your phone, you’ll see a link that will take you to a mobile search experience that’s more tailored to your needs …

More details by following the link, but the gist is that the results are more attuned to your location and to mobile aware websites in the search results. Is it better than Yahoo’s new oneSearch? Try them both out and decide for yourself.

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