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June 21, 2006

Google signs up another distributor: Adobe

Posted by David Hunter at 8:13 PM ET.

The eyeball auction continues apace as Eric Auchard reports at Reuters:

Adobe Systems Inc. said on Wednesday Google Inc. had agreed to pay the multimedia software maker a “significant” amount to distribute Google’s Web search software over several years.

In a statement, Adobe said it had begun distributing Google search software with new downloads of Adobe’s Macromedia Shockwave multimedia playback software, which allows users to view interactive Web programming such as games, entertainment, business presentations, and advertisements via a Web browser.

The deal calls for users to receive Google Toolbar Web search software each time they download Adobe’s Shockwave player for use with an Internet Explorer browser.

The Shockwave player has been downloaded 200 million times and runs on an estimated 55 percent of Internet-ready desktop computers, Adobe said.

“We expect the agreement to represent significant revenue to Adobe over a period of years,” Narayen said.

Per the Shockwave FAQ, the Google Toolbar installation is optional, but it is the default.

Juan Carlos Perez at InfoWorld adds:

As part of the multiyear agreement, the Google Toolbar will be distributed with other Adobe products as well.

Adobe distributes a competing browser toolbar from Yahoo Inc. in its Adobe Reader and Flash Player products, she said. It doesn’t distribute Microsoft Corp. toolbars.

Update: The Adobe press release is here.

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