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December 30, 2005

Google sued over VoIP patent, Microsoft already paid up

Posted by David Hunter at 12:35 PM ET.

Sam Gustin in the NY Post reports that

New York-based Rates Technology Inc. has slapped Google with a lawsuit claiming that Google Talk, the company’s voice-over-Internet-protocol service, infringes on patents covering technology that facilitates cheap ‘Net-based telephone service.

They’re threatening “to bring Google to its knees.” Apparently Rates has been making a pass through the IT industry:

Over 120 firms, including Microsoft, Lucent and Avaya have paid RTI one-time payments in exchange for a promise to not sue them for patent infringement, he said, adding that the company is currently in settlement talks with eBay’s recently acquired Skype division.

Update: Ed Oswald has more on RTI at BetaNews.

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