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June 5, 2006

Google to introduce online spreadsheet

Posted by David Hunter at 7:30 PM ET.

Michael Liedtke for the AP:

Google Inc. will introduce a spreadsheet program Tuesday, continuing the Internet search leader’s expansion into territory long dominated by Microsoft Corp.

Although it’s still considered a work in progress, Google’s online spreadsheet will offer consumers and businesses a free alternative to Microsoft’s Excel application — a product typically sold as part of the Office software suite that has been a steady moneymaker for years.

To avoid swamping the company’s computers, Google’s spreadsheet initially will be distributed to a limited audience. Google also wants more time to smooth out any possible kinks and develop more features, said Jonathan Rochelle, the product manager of the new application.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company planned to begin accepting sign-ups for the spreadsheet at 9 a.m. EDT Tuesday through the “labs” section of its Web site.

More details by following the link. Google acquired Writely, an online word processing application, in March. Based on the spreadsheet story and having tried Writely, these applications, while capable, aren’t industrial strength but do have an interesting collaboration aspect since the created documents are shareable among multiple users.

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One Response to “Google to introduce online spreadsheet”

  1. Google’s online spreadsheet arrrives - what do they really mean by that? -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] As expected, Google announced their online spreadsheet yesterday, or a “limited test” at least, and the buzz is intense. Elinor Mills and Martin LaMonica at CNET offer Google guns for Microsoft: Google’s launch of a Web-based spreadsheet on Tuesday is further proof that the company is eyeing Microsoft’s Office stronghold. Now the question is: Should Microsoft be worried? [...]

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