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August 28, 2007

Google wins CNN eyeball auction

Posted by David Hunter at 3:33 PM ET.

Chalk up another one for Google as they announce a multi-year exclusive advertising deal with CNN. and Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced an agreement today that enlists Google’s AdSense advertising program to deliver site targeted advertising to

Through this collaboration, the AdSense service places contextually relevant ads alongside content, allowing both small and large advertisers to target specifically and connect with high quality content and traffic. Under the terms of the deal, Google will serve as the exclusive provider of auction-based text advertisements throughout

No financial terms were revealed, but undoubtedly CNN is getting a better cut than the average AdSense customer.

It is not clear that Yahoo or Microsoft were even in the running for this one, but undoubtedly either would have wanted the contract although their ability to deliver non-search text ads is far inferior to Google’s. 

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