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August 25, 2005

Halo is headed for the big screen

Posted by David Hunter at 6:32 AM ET.

Todd Bishop:

A Microsoft Corp. product is headed to the big screen for the first time — but don’t worry, moviegoers won’t be asked to suffer through two hours of Clippy.

The company’s “Halo” video-game franchise and its hero, Master Chief, will provide the basis for a major movie under a deal between Microsoft and movie studios Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox.

Microsoft confirmed the agreement Wednesday after months of speculation in Hollywood and the video-game world. The company declined to disclose the financial terms, but Daily Variety reported that Microsoft will receive 10 percent of the box-office receipts, including a guaranteed $5 million in advance.

More details by following the link and also at Bungie and the Telegraph (UK).

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2 Responses to “Halo is headed for the big screen”

  1. No joke, Microsoft hires Fergy Fudgehog -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] The story in the press is that this is an attempt to “expand the audience for its new Xbox 360 video game console beyond young, male ‘hard-core’ gamers” and I suppose claiming it as a marketing stunt is as good a rationale as any. However, the temptation is to mark it down as a typically weak attempt of a cash-rich company to expand beyond their core business. “Viva Piñata” may well be wildly successful, but it makes one wonder what’s next, Broadway shows or movies? Oh wait, Microsoft is already doing the latter. Filed under Alliances, Xbox, General Business, Public Relations, Marketing, Microsoft Listen to this article   [Permalink] [...]

  2. That’s show biz! -- Microsoft News Tracker Says:

    [...] Michael Fleming at Variety reports that the deal (announced a year ago) for a film version of Microsoft’s Halo video game has apparently come a cropper: It’s game over for Universal’s and Fox’s participation in the feature adaptation of Microsoft’s “Halo.” [...]

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