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September 6, 2005

Hardware Requirements for Vista

Posted by David Hunter at 7:19 PM ET.

AnandTech points to a report from APC Magazine’s Dan Warne at the recent Australian Tech Ed:

Hardware vendors are going to love the news that Windows Vista is going to need very beefy hardware to run well. At Microsoft’s TechEd conference, Dan Warne finally managed to squeeze blood from a stone – or rather, answers about Longhorn’s hardware requirements from Microsoft.

Nigel Page is a strategist with Microsoft Australia. He told APC today that Vista would work best on a video card with more than 256MB RAM, 2GB of DDR3 memory and a S-ATA 2 hard drive.

More by following the links.

Update (Sept. 9, 2005): Scoble says these requirements are overstated, but the formal requirements won’t be known until next year.

Update (Sept. 12, 2005): The reported requirements were overstated.

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