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January 27, 2006

IMT Labs launches friendly chatbot for MSN Messenger

Posted by David Hunter at 11:57 AM ET.

From the press release – Your new virtual friend Spleak is ready to chat on MSN Messenger:

IMT Labs, a company founded by Danish serial entrepreneur and business genius Morten Lund, announced today a new relationship with Microsoft Corp. that will allow MSN Messenger users to add IMT Labs’ chatbot, named Spleak, to their list of MSN Messenger contacts and start chatting with Spleak immediately. Users will be able to enjoy free and instant access to the extensive and entertaining Spleak character, without having to download or install any applications.

IMT Labs has spent the month of December 2005 testing the Spleak chatbot on its new platform, and results have been impressive. Although no public announcements have been made, more than 350,000 internet users have already added Spleak to their MSN Messenger contacts, resulting in an average of more than 45 minutes chatting with her.

Spleak’s main audience are US teens looking to have fun and be entertained online, and that is exactly what Spleak is all about, says Reffstrup. He now looks forward to developing the chatbot even further with new and exciting features that appeal to the picky teen audience.

What exactly is Spleak then? The question is rather, who is Spleak? Spleak is a 20 year-old virtual girl, born in France and now living in New York. She attends international studies at a university and works in a coffee shop in her spare time.

The general idea of Spleak is to provide a human-like chatbot which is able to communicate in a natural language like “real” people – and like any real person, Spleak has a life and a personality.

She is available for chat on MSN Messenger every day around the clock, always ready to cheer you up, play a game, read your horoscope, teach you English, deliver the news and weather forecasts, and many, many other things. Her knowledge is close to unlimited – you can ask her almost anything and she will provide an answer.

More by following the link and at the Spleak web site. There’s no word on what the monetization mechanism is.

Mark Deakin (via Microsoft Watch) also mentions some other new “commercial” MSN IM bots from the BBC and Encarta and I expect there will be more soon. They are an old story on AOL IM ([1], [2]) where they have a much more commercial flavor and AOL recently forced two of them onto users’ buddy lists.

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