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May 21, 2006

In the runup to WinHEC, Vista details revealed

Posted by David Hunter at 11:13 PM ET.

This week marks the start of WinHEC, the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, where Microsoft traditionally proselytizes or, as some would have it, tells the PC hardware industry what they should be delivering to fit in with Microsoft’s plans. Mary Jo Foley reports that the theme for 2006 will be “We’re turning the corner” on Vista, Longhorn Server, and Office 2007 which seems to be somewhat defensive, but appropriate given the spotty record of Vista.

Also paving the way was the anticlimactic public release of hardware requirements to run Vista, sort of. The caveat is because Microsoft is persisting with the pointless lowest common denominator “Vista Capable” program which aside from 512MB of memory, covers just about any current PC and only guarantees minimal compatibility as we have discussed previously. If you want to experience the spiffy new Vista Aero interface, you’ll need more – at the “Premium” level, 1 GB of memory and a variety of graphics features that preclude many current PCs with integrated graphics on the motherboard.

If you would prefer get the information straight, without a PR intermediary, head on over to Windows Logo Program Requirements V. 3.0 for all the gory details including the “Basic” logo level which didn’t make the press release. Presumably this will all be clear to consumers, both business and personal.

Finally, there is a whiff of what is really piquing the curious at the MSBLOG (via – Final (retail) Prices for All Vista Editions? (lightly edited):

Windows Vista Home Basic – $255.55
Windows Vista Home Premium – $511.10
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition – $638.88
Windows Vista Business – $830.54
Windows Vista Enterprise – $1,022.20

Yikes! These aren’t confirmed and they aren’t the OEM or volume purchase prices, but did someone just mark things way up? Per the post:

Let’s assume these are the final prices then Windows Vista Home Premium costs twice as much as Windows XP Professional which is the corresponding equivalent to it!

Maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of the Vista rainbow? Or a lot of scrutiny from various antitrust watchdogs.

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