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November 17, 2005

Indian OpenOffice rollout picks up pace

Posted by David Hunter at 1:12 PM ET.

Ingrid Marson at ZDNet UK:

The Indian government is pushing an ambitious project to distribute CDs containing Firefox and OpenOffice in all official Indian languages

Open source groups are helping the Indian government meet its target of creating open source CDs in all official Indian languages by February 2006.

The open source applications included on the CDs, such as the Firefox browser and the productivity suite, have already been translated into five Indian languages — Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi and Urdu. But there are still 17 languages left to be translated in just three months.

The localised open source applications will also be available on PCs soon, after the Indian government struck a deal with a number of PC vendors to pre-install the software on computers sold in the country. The Indian government is trying to encourage the use of computers across the country by distributing free CDs that contain localised versions of popular open source applications.

Although the Indian government has funded this open source initiative, overall it has a neutral policy to open source, according to a recent ZDNet UK article looking at open source in the Indian government.

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