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September 27, 2005

Intel, Microsoft endorse HD DVD

Posted by David Hunter at 2:30 AM ET.

Stephen Shankland at CNET:

Intel and Microsoft are combining their computing industry power in an attempt to make the HD DVD format the victor in a battle over a standard to succeed DVD.

Typical DVDs today can hold 4.7GB of information, but two dueling camps are trying to establish a larger-capacity format that will be allow for the recording of high-definition television and the backing up of more data. HD DVD, supported by a Toshiba-led consortium, is up against Blu-ray Disc, backed by Sony and allies including the two biggest personal computer manufacturers, Hewlett-Packard and Dell.

Intel and Microsoft believe weighing in on the HD DVD side will be enough to tip the balance. “We have a high expectation of having a single format, and that format is HD DVD,” said Intel spokesman Bill Kircos.

Needless to say, the Blu-ray side disagrees. The Microsoft press release is here.

Update: Joe Wilcox sees it as Microsoft and Intel versus the consumer electronics companies and Tony Smith at The Register has a further assessment of motivations and news of a player from Samsung that will handle both formats.

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2 Responses to “Intel, Microsoft endorse HD DVD”

  1. Says:

    Software/technology giants Microsoft and Intel back Toshiba in HD-DVD/BluRay Format war

    Just when things were looking their bleakest at the HD-DVD camp, comes this stunning reversal: According to the New York Times as well as various other sources, Microsoft, the company that everyone loves to hate, and Intel (even if Windows isn’…

  2. Microsoft News Tracker » Blog Archive » Blu-Ray vs HD DVD - It’s better than a soap opera! Says:

    [...] So far Sony has lined up the movie studios behind Blu-ray and things aren’t looking good for HD DVD despite the recent CPR attempt by Microsoft and Intel, but who knows what tomorrow’s episode will bring!   [Permalink] [...]

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