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September 15, 2005

“It’s dead, Jim”

Posted by David Hunter at 9:08 PM ET.

With apologies to DeForest Kelly, Dell shuttering Itanium server business:

Dell is phasing out Intel Itanium-based servers, a move by one of the chipmaker’s closest allies that reflects Dell’s emphasis on low-cost servers and the processor’s failure to spread into the mainstream.

More recent decisions at Microsoft also reinforce Dell’s direction. A coming version of Windows Server 2003 called R2 is geared for smaller servers and won’t support Itanium, and the next Windows server operating system, code-named Longhorn server, will only be geared [to support Itanium - ed.] for high-end server tasks, Microsoft said this month.

More details by following the link and at The Register - Abandon ship! Dell jumps off Itanium:

Dell has become the latest OEM to abandon Itanium, Intel’s ill-fated 64 bit chip. The processor’s future has been looking downbeat since Intel decided to adopt AMD’s 64 bit instruction set for its future servers, relegating IA-64 to high end niches.

Dell’s decision is hardly surprising given its poor sales figures. Dell lives or dies by high volumes, but last year shipped just 1,371 Itanium servers. That’s up from just 12 the previous year, but it was enough to give Dell five per cent of the IA-64 market. HP, Intel’s partner on the chip project, shipped 76 per cent of IA-64 systems.

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