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October 16, 2005

Keeping up with WinFS

Posted by David Hunter at 10:27 AM ET.

Over at the WinFS Team Blog, Steve De Mar introduces the WinFS user experience video shown at the PDC and now available online. I’m a firm believer that WinFS was the biggest “game changer” among the original 3 Longhorn pillars, but frankly it seems difficult to demonstrate it credibly without making it look like something only a geek would love. In the video there is a “whole lotta clickin’ going on” when many end users are barely competent to send an email. In practice, I would expect exploiting applications to hide much of this. Of course, if you made a video showing all kinds of user goodness but ignoring the behind-the-scenes machinations, it would be a different kind of problem. In any case, give the video a look and consider the application possibilities when WinFS finally ships.

Speaking of which, ActiveWin points to a September article by Barbara Darrow at CRN that has a variety of WinFS related information including:

… Katmai. That’s the internal name for the successor to Yukon–the soon-to-ship SQL Server 2005. In a PDC interview with CRN, none other than Bill Gates said that the WinFS server implementation will come sometime in the “Katmai” wave. At that time the WinFS client and server technology will unify all the various data repositories, he said.

No dates, which given WinFS’s checkered history will always be a concern.

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