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November 27, 2005

Live Meeting gets product placement in “The Apprentice”

Posted by David Hunter at 9:47 AM ET.

Todd Bishop points out an upcoming instance of Microsoft product placement:

Sites that follow Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” TV show pointed out at the beginning of this season that one episode’s task would focus on a Microsoft product. Next week’s episode is it. But contrary to what you might expect from the timing, the product isn’t the new Xbox 360. During a preview at the end of Thursday night’s show, Trump said the name: Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

Considered more closely, the product choice isn’t much of a surprise. It actually appears to be part of a broader promotional arrangement. The Live Meeting service, which came from Microsoft’s 2003 acquisition of PlaceWare, already has a number of marketing ties to the “Apprentice” show.

More details by following the link including a synopsis of the episode in question which seems to be vintage Apprentice fluff.

Update: For a truly strange Microsoft PR stunt, check out Microsoft Sponsoring Milk Squirter.

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